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Please note that the prices listed include a fuel surcharge; it is calculated and applied each Monday for the duration of that week, thus the total individual ticket price could differ from week to week. The child age range is 5 to 11 years, seniors; 65 years and over, and students must have a valid ID as proof of attending an educational institution.

Passengers should be at their chosen departure stop at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, and be on the look-out and prepared to board the coach as soon as the driver and attendant are ready. Regular arranged Lunch and Rest Stops are provided along the route.  DRL-LR operates 365 days annually. All tickets are cash only. Purchased tickets are non-refundable.

One child per family, age 4 and under, is permitted to travel free; if there are other children of this age from the same family, they pay the child rate. A child traveling free cannot occupy a seat if the coach is filled and the seat is needed by a paying-passenger.

Anyone requiring personal assistance, attention, and support during a coach trip should be accompanied by a responsible adult. It is not the duty of the DRL Attendant to provide direct personal care.

A passenger requesting an escort, who meets DRL-LR criteria, will pay for one ticket at the higher of the two fares from the point of origin to the destination, e.g. a child and an adult would travel at the adult rate. Such an escort shall only be permitted when accompanying a person with a physical disability who needs assistance in boarding, disembarking, and en route, e.g. individual using a wheelchair. [A letter from a medical professional, government agency, or other authority, stating that a person requires an escort does not necessarily mean that the escort travels at a reduced rate or free gratis.]

A blind person, with CNIB verification, travels at half-fare. If an escort, other than a seeing-eye dog, is required, the escort also travels at half-fare.

DRL-LR highly recommends that passengers keep prescription medications "on their person" or in their carry on bag. Please do not put them in bags stored in the luggage compartment as, in rare instances a bag may be inadvertently taken by someone else. Each paying-passenger is permitted one "carry-on", and two bags, maximum of 50 pounds each, in the luggage compartment. The dimensions of each of the latter should be no greater than a large suitcase. Each extra bag/package is to be charged $10.00, effective 01 August 2010.

Effective 01 August 2010, for "unaccompanied minors" (age 5 - 11 years, inclusive) there will be a flat-rate fee of $20.00, between any two DRL stops, in addition to the child fare.

Bikes can be transported if there is sufficient space. The pedals, front wheel, and anything else which would enable it to be stored as compactly as possible, must be removed. The chain, and any parts which may cause potential damage to other bags/packages stored in the luggage compartment, must be wrapped thoroughly. The shipping cost for a bike is $35 (HST Inc.) each time it is transported.

Use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances is prohibited on board.

Absolutely no animals or other pets of any kind are allowed on the bus.

Passengers who get out of their seat while the coach is moving, e.g. to go to the washroom, do so at own risk.

Any passenger who disembark from the coach at a stop, other than those designated as scheduled breaks, i.e. Goobies, Gander, Springdale Junction, and Deer Lake and may get left behind, will be solely responsible for "catching up to the bus." DRL-LR will not return, will not wait, and will not provide an alternative means of travel.

The potential exists, albeit less than 1%, that the DRL coach may not necessarily make it to its destination due to road/weather conditions, or some extraordinary circumstance beyond the control of the company. Passengers who embark on DRL should be aware of this possibility and in cases where this may occur, DRL will not be responsible for any expenses incurred for accommodations, meals and miscellany.