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Road Pak

DRL-LR Road Pak Express Parcel Service is the quickest, most cost effective way to get your envelopes, parcels and other packages across the Island of Newfoundland, 365 days a year.  Items for shipping should be checked in at least one hour prior to departure time. Our rates are reasonable and our pick-up/drop-off points coincide with most of our regular stops listed in the daily schedule.

Please note, all Road Pak in the Metro area is handled through the 5 0'Clock Lounge, 974 Kenmount Rd. (Their hours are 12 p.m. - 12 a.m.) and all Road Pak in Port Aux Basques is handled through Circle K/Irving. No Road Pak is handled at the MUN University Centre, White Bay Convenience or Marine Atlantic Terminal.
Eddy's Restaurant accepts incoming Road Pak, but none can be shipped out through that stop.

Using inches, multiply the package length by the width by the height, and divide the result by 100; then use the Shipping Factor Chart below to determine the cost:


Shipping Factor Rate
01 - 10
11 - 20 $25.00 
21 - 30 $30.00 
31 - 50 $35.00 
51 - 70 $45.00 
71 - 90 $50.00 
91 - 120 $60.00 
121 -150 $70.00 

[Maximum Weight 50 pounds. If the Shipping Factor is over 150, please contact Head Office.]
Letter Rates: Envelopes $15.00 


"Regular Tires" not on rims: $23.00 each, "Regular Tires" on rims" $34.50 each, "Mud Tires" not on rims: $28.75 each, "Mud Tires" on rims: $40.25 each.

Aluminum Rims: $23.00 each

Bicycles: Chain wrapped and front or back tire removed: $34.50 per bicycle. 

Every effort will be made to provide delivery on the same day, but it is not guaranteed.