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Traveler Alerts

Traveler alerts are regularly updated. Please use this page to make sure your trip isn't affected.

4:55PM — Please be advised that due to the large increase of fuel over that last month, we have had to adjust our fuel surcharge accordingly. You will see an increase in fares again but please understand this something we have to do. Thank you for your business.
10:42AM — Please note that since the mask mandate is lifted for the province, we will no longer require and enforce masks to be worn on our buses . We will encourage it but It will be ones choice to continue to wear them
11:24AM — Please be advised, due to the large increase in Fuel/gas prices today, we have had to adjust our fuel surcharge accordingly. This is a much higher surcharge than we are used to so Please be prepared for your ticket to cost a little more than usual
9:31AM — Our buses are running & following our regular schedule. Please do not board if you have any symptoms.
3:21PM — PARADISE CIRCLE K are only accepting packages from 8 am - 8 pm.
2:26PM — PLEASE NOTE: There will no longer be a stop at the 5 O'Clock Lounge. All pick up's/drop off's and Road Pak will now be at the Paradise Circle K.